Hawke's Bay

Our Hawkes Bay team specialise in horticultural consultancy, research, calibration, irrigation and pest and disease monitoring for pipfruit, summerfruit, kiwifruit and grapes

Jack Hughes

Hawke's Bay
Horticultural Consultant
Managing director

B.Hort.Sci (1980) Lincoln University
Certificate in Sustainable Nutrient Management in NZ Agriculture (2013)
Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education, Level 5 (2016)

021 223 4213

My main focus and passion is the management of crop and canopy for maximum performance and profitability. My background in commercial horticulture, research and consultancy helps me to provide expertise across a broad range of horticultural subjects.

Svetlana Drinnan

Hawke's Bay
Technical Services Manager

B.Bus (marketing)/B.Econ (2001), The Academy of National Economy, Russian Federation
NZ Certificate in Sustainable Horticulture, Level 3 (2016), EIT

027 418 3593

I am very passionate about all living plants and trees, and love spending time in orchards and vineyards observing constant changes in the field. I have a varied role at Fruition that extends across the provision of technical services to our clients, research, lab work and design.

Brendan Hamilton

Hawke's Bay
Irrigation Services Manager

B.Sc Enviro Sc & Phys Geog (2001) Massey University

021 223 4218

Focus on soil moisture level monitoring and crop water use, throughout the season, to provide advice on irrigation timings, quantities and durations. Utilizing neutron probe, diviner and Sentek continuous soil moisture monitoring technology.

Terry Fraser

Hawke's Bay
Technical Consultant

Certs in Hort, Hort Management & Organic Hort EIT (1991-2003)
Certs in Adult Education & Training ( 2004 ) and Adult Literacy and Numeracy (2012)

021 223 4217

My key interest is pest and disease management however my role includes a wide variety of other areas including research, training, auditing and group facilitation.

Andy Mawley

Hawke's Bay
GrowSafe Trainer

Registered Chemical Applicator (2002) (C-618918-00) 
National Certificate in Chem Application (2004)
Registered Calibrator (2018) (C-618918-00)

021 522 614

Born and bred in the pipfruit and stonefruit industry. After 20yrs of being self-employed as a Spraying contractor, I now lead the GrowSafe training division for Fruition. My main focus is on delivering courses from Basic to Advanced GrowSafe as well as growing the training to Certified Handler and RCA Assessor. As a contractor I know the importance of the best chemical application practices. 

Jason Bennett

Hawke's Bay
Calibration Specialist

National Certificate in Heavy Automotive Engineering  (A – Grade) (2002) 
John Deere Precision Ag Specialist (2014-2018)

021 221 7225

My main focus at Fruition is orchard and vineyard sprayer calibration, matching sprayer setups to the crop canopy being sprayed. I also help out with irrigation services during the season. My previous experience with John Deere as a Technician and a Precision Ag Specialist enables me to provide a complete calibration service. 

Bay of Plenty

Our Bay of Plenty team specialise in horticultural consultancy, industry analysis, training and irrigation services for kiwifruit and avocados

Sandy Scarrow

Bay of Plenty
Horticultural Consultant
Managing Director

B.Hort.Sci (1988) Massey University
Diploma in Business and Administration (Management)
National Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education (2013)

027 4425 436

I love working with clients to make them more successful, on their terms. I also really enjoy tutoring and group facilitation on projects as well as leading our Tauranga team.

Ruth Underwood

Bay of Plenty
Horticultural Consultant

B.Hort.Sci (Hons) (1986) Massey University
National Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education (2016)
Advanced Sustainable Nutrient Management (2011) Massey University

027 4302 408

I enjoy working with growers providing advice, fertiliser programmes, strategic advice and property assessments. I also focus on financial and industry analysis, insurance/expert witness projects. I tutor papers for the Lincoln University Diploma and other horticultural programmes. 

Wendy Bradley

Bay of Plenty
Academic Manager

B.Hort.Sci (1987) Lincoln University
Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing (2000)
National Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education (2016)

027 676 4672

My main focus is on promoting our training programmes. I also enjoy tutoring Lincoln, and other horticultural programmes while managing the academic aspects of our training business.

Tasman Mouldey

Bay of Plenty
Vakameasina Programme Manager

Bachelor of Teaching (2005), University of Waikato

027 234 5144

It is a real privilege to be in the role of managing the Vakameasina Programme, which provides literacy, numeracy, financial and life skills education for seasonal horticulture workers from a range of Pacific nations. I enjoy working with our amazing team of coordinators, tutors and students across New Zealand to develop educational and social outcomes for people of the Pacific, and our horticultural industry. 

Bryce Morrison

Bay of Plenty
Technical Services & Innovation Manager

BCom (Ag) – Hort Mgmt Major (2016)
DipHortMgmt (2016)
DipHort, Lincoln University (2013)

022 108 6797

It is great to finally put my qualifications to use through my varied role with the company. I enjoy working with our clients and assisting others through the range of horticultural training programmes we offer. I look forward to helping our team improve and grow into the future.

Maia Haeata

Bay of Plenty
He Tūranga Mō Te Mahi - Youth Pathways Coordinator


I am an experienced programme coordinator with 15 years experience in vocational and tertiary education. My passion is to enable rangatahi (youth) and their whānau (family) to grow, thrive and cultivate. And through He Tūranga Mō Te Mahi, our training programme, we can achieve this. 


Our Nelson team specialise in horticultural consultancy, training, research, irrigation and pest and disease services for pipfruit, grapes, summerfruit and hops

Greg Dryden

Managing Director
Horticultural Consultant

M.Hort.Sci (1996) Massey University
B.Hort (1993) Massey University

027 484 3857

I really enjoy meeting with owners, analysing physical and financial performance to meet their business goals. My main projects have included financial modelling, business planning, irrigation scheduling, training and research.

Mike Nelson

Horticultural Consultant

Diploma in Field Tech (1986) Lincoln University 
NCH in Vegetable Production (1985) RNZIH
Cert. Nutrient Management (2011) Massey University
Cert. Advanced Sustainable Nutrient Management (2012) Massey Universality
Certified Nutrient Management Adviser

027 484 3034

I have a wide background in many types of horticultural and agricultural crops. I get a lot of satisfaction using my extensive field research skills to maximise field trial design and implementation, and effective communication of those findings to the client. I also thoroughly enjoy tutoring horticulture students which is an important part of what we do.

Chris Hosie

Horticultural Technician

BCA/BSc (Hons) Accountancy & Geology, Victoria University of Wellington (2000) 
NZ Certificate in Horticulture, Level 3 (2017)

027 484 3045


I am involved in the provision of technical services to pipfruit, grape and hop growers. I love working on collaborative research projects for innovative growing practices and new technologies. I want to provide growers with simple, informative and easy to understand information, to add value to their decision-making processes. 


Our Marlborough team specialises in consultancy, irrigation services and research in wine grapes and other crops

Jim Mercer

Horticultural Consultant

NCH Glasshouse crops and ANCH Commercial Fruit Production (1984 Hadlow, UK) Waitangi Scholar (1994)

027 484 0151

I look after Fruition’s services in Marlborough and Canterbury and really enjoy any new challenges with a horticultural aspect that come along. My main focus is soil moisture monitoring and irrigation management plus research projects and financial analysis. My experiences in the management and marketing aspects of commercial horticulture help me provide a wide understanding of our client’s requirements.