We Offer

Specialist consultancy, technical, research and training services to the New Zealand horticultural industry


Working alongside growers, industry and government organisations to provide independent and qualified advice and analysis.

  • Work alongside growers to improve business performance and profitability
  • Provide industry analysis for industry and government organisations. This includes financial and agronomic monitoring and benchmarking
  • Offer independent crop loss assessment for insurance companies and industry groups
  • Participate in property and venture appraisal, expert evidence and peer review
  • We work in a range of crops and primarily have expertise in apples, avocados, kiwifruit, grapes, summerfruit and hops.

Technical Services

Providing reliable and robust technical data and decision support in soil moisture, pest and disease monitoring along with other tailored services.

  • Provide weekly and continuous soil moisture monitoring and irrigation scheduling services using neutron probes and the full range of Sentek soil moisture equipment.
  • Supply MPI accredited pheromone trap services for codling moth and leafroller
  • Offer comprehensive pest and disease monitoring services for all commercially sensitive pathogens
  • Measure fruit numbers, fruit growth, quality and maturation and post-harvest storage performance
  • Produce scaled orchard maps using Tumonz software


Our qualified and experienced teachers deliver tuition and training in Fruition Diploma in Horticulture Production, National Certificate in Horticulture, the Vakameasina Programme, Lincoln Diploma and other short courses.

  • Offer Fruition Diploma in Horticulture Production
  • Partner with PrimaryITO to deliver courses for the Agricultural Apprentice programme and provide tuition for National Certificate in Horticulture to horticultural cadets nationally
  • Deliver the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade funded Vakameasina programme which provides literacy and numeracy training to seasonal workers
  • Teach the Lincoln Regional Diploma in Horticulture 
  • Offer a course on the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and its implications for those in horticulture and viticulture


Conducting independent and applied research and product development in crop physiology, protection, enhancement and post-harvest.

  • Work collaboratively with industry and crown research agencies in industry and government projects
  • Conduct field trials to develop new products and technology for clients in the horticultural service industry
  • Work with plant breeders, nurseries and growers to develop and test new varieties
  • Collaborate with overseas research institutions and consultants to adapt and develop new technologies

Our Clients