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  • Irrigation scheduling and monitoring
  • Continuous irrigation monitoring
  • Codling moth trapping
  • Pest and disease monitoring

Recent Projects

Viticulture Model Vineyard Benchmarking Report

The 2016 harvest produced a record yield for the Marlborough model at an average of 15.1 tonnes per hectare. Sauvignon Blanc yielded an average of 16.5 tonnes per hectare, a 41 percent increase compared with 2015. Pinot Noir produced its highest yield to date at 8.6 tonnes per hectare, up 62 percent compared with 2015.

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Viticulture Gross Margin Benchmarking Report 2016

Gross margin benchmarking was completed, in collaboration with the Ministry for Primary Industries and New Zealand Wine, for Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa and Marlborough. The gross margin calculates the revenue minus direct expenses for growing, harvesting and marketing the crop.

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Staying ahead of the curve

What apple variety mix should we grow to be successful in a changing world? This article discusses some of the strategic factors involved in choosing what we produce and offer to our customers.

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Health and Safety – recent reforms and what it means for you

The 4th of April this year sees the introduction of new Health and Safety legislation which has some significant implications for those owning, managing and working within the horticultural sector. In this article we discuss some of those changes and then cover some practical things that can be done to manage these.

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