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  • Pest and disease monitoring

Recent Projects

Tauranga Lincoln Diploma Newsletter

Check out our May 2017 newsletter for the Lincoln Diploma

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Key to kiwifruit productivity in 2018

Kiwifruit winter pruning is the start of the seasonal growing cycle and sets your crop potential for the next harvest.

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Ten years of RSEs - Recognised Seasonal Employees enriching industry for a decade

It has been 10 years since the Recognised Seasonal Employees (RSE) scheme was introduced and workers have been coming to the Bay of Plenty to prune, pick and pack kiwifruit over that time. While it is easy to see the benefits the industry receives from being able to use RSE workers, it is also timely to celebrate the significant contribution they make the the well being of our wider communities 

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A classy class - Spotlight on the Lincoln Regional Diploma in Horticulture cohort

We are all aware of the huge growth occurring in the horticultural sector nationally. Alongside that growth is a huge demand for unskilled and skilled workers to take on the varied roles in the sector. With this in mind, this article focuses on a group of individuals who have chosen to forsake their Tuesday evenings to attend Lincoln University Diploma in Horticulture tutorials provided by Fruition Horticulture in Tauranga and Nelson.

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