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  • Irrigation scheduling and monitoring
  • Continuous irrigation monitoring
  • Codling moth trapping
  • Pest and disease monitoring

Recent Projects

Fruition Hawke's Bay Christmas Newsletter 2018

Check out Fruition Hawke’s Bay Christmas Newsletter 2018 HERE

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Tauranga Lincoln Diploma Newsletter

Check out our Semester One 2019 newsletter for the Lincoln Diploma HERE


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Confirm your sprayer coverage

This article is a collaborative ‘thought piece’ about spraying of apple orchards in New Zealand. We start with a historical context, then discuss current spray calibration theory and practice and finish by looking ahead at how orchards and supporting technology are evolving.

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Managing the season you are in

Every kiwifruit growing season is different.  What happened last season is often top of mind and we set out ready to solve or prevent the problems of last season.  The real success comes when we are able to solve or prevent the problems of this season! 

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