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Tauranga Lincoln Diploma Newsletter

Check out our Semester Two 2019 newsletter for the Lincoln Diploma HERE

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Build a solid foundation for 2020

The intent of kiwifruit winter pruning is to provide a canopy of fruiting wood to bear your 2020 crop.  Done well, it will help make that crop a high yield of good quality and well-sized fruit, while also aiding yield potential for the following seasons.    

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The wrong image holds our industry back

It is an understatement to say that Horticulture is an important industry in New Zealand. Fresh Facts figures for year ending June 2017 show an $8.8 billion industry and 10.3 percent of New Zealand’s merchandise exports (dominated by Kiwifruit, Wine and Apples) and yet many young people looking at career choices are not aware of the opportunities, innovation and complexity of our wonderful industry.

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What influences Royal Gala fruit size, maturity and quality?

Royal Gala is a good variety to consider given that it is our most planted variety and as an early season apple, it is strongly influenced by summer growing conditions. Phenology is the scientific term for the study of the effects of climate on plant life – historical data tells us that Royal Gala bloom and harvest dates vary a lot.

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