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Apple nutrition in Himachal Pradesh

January 15, 2019

An article in May looked at the Himachal Pradesh apple industry in northern India, and the World Bank project to help increase apple, pear and subtropical productivity. This article looks at nutrient management practices used here. 

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Confirm your sprayer coverage

November 19, 2018

This article is a collaborative ‘thought piece’ about spraying of apple orchards in New Zealand. We start with a historical context, then discuss current spray calibration theory and practice and finish by looking ahead at how orchards and supporting technology are evolving.

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Managing the season you are in

October 20, 2018

Every kiwifruit growing season is different.  What happened last season is often top of mind and we set out ready to solve or prevent the problems of last season.  The real success comes when we are able to solve or prevent the problems of this season! 

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Training to meet our future in Nelson/Tasman

September 4, 2018

As the horticultural sector goes through strong growth and is well on track to become a $10 billion industry by 2020, and with the pipfruit industry doubling in value to $1 billion by 2020 there is more and more discussion around labour, or more to the point – lack of it.

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Apps in Horticulture

August 20, 2018

It seems everywhere you look there are ‘connected’ people on their Android smartphones, iPhones and tablets. These devices allow the user to instantly update what they have just eaten or post updates to their friends on social media. More importantly is the ability of these apps to provide us with up to date, succinct data, that assists with horticultural management decisions.

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Bay of Plenty Kiwifruit 2017-18 Season Review

July 20, 2018

The basics of growing a good crop don’t vary, but variations in climate from season to season can affect on orchard operations for growth of the current crop, and how the vines are set up for the following season.

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Horticulture Labour Issues – enduring solutions needed

June 20, 2018

I write this article as the pipfruit harvest is coming to an end and the kiwifruit industry has just completed the harvest of a record 65 million trays of Gold kiwifruit and is embarking on the main pick of Green kiwifruit. There has been significant media coverage of the issues both industries have faced in getting workers to pick and pack this fruit. Other horticulture sectors are facing similar difficulties. 

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Have a plan before you start

May 20, 2018

Having had 30 years plus in the kiwifruit industry I can assure you that the years spin around faster and faster. It seems only a few months ago that I was on client’s orchards reviewing the winter pruning job that had been done for the season. By the time this article is in print, most of the kiwifruit crop will be tucked into coolstore awaiting shipment to markets far away. It is time to winter prune again!!  

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Apple growing systems are evolving

April 20, 2018

The IFTA (International Fruit Tree Association) has recently completed a successful NZ Conference and Tour. A theme of the tour was the evolution of growing systems in a world where labour is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. In this article, some of the considerations around orchard design, efficiency and suitability for mechanization are discussed.

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