Our qualified and experienced educators deliver tuition and training in the Fruition Diploma in Horticulture Production, New Zealand Certificates in  Horticulture, New Zealand Certificates in Primary Industry Skills, the Vakameasina Programme, the Lincoln Diploma and other short industry-based courses.

Fruition Horticulture (BOP) Ltd is a Category 1 Education Provider.

Fruition Horticulture (BOP) Ltd is registered as a private training establishment by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under the provisions of the Education and Training Act 2020.

Fruition Diploma in Horticulture Production (Level 6) (Process Improvement)

This programme develops the skills and knowledge of those employed within horticulture production enabling them to contribute at an advanced technical and managerial level. This programme focuses on the specialist requirements for ‘process improvement’ for the purpose of meeting domestic and international market requirements and emerging opportunities for horticultural products.

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  • NZQF Qualification Level: 6
  • NZQA Credits: 120
  • Location: Distance Learning – BOP, Hawkes Bay, Nelson Hubs.
  • Duration: 72 Weeks (over 2 years with workplace adjustments)
  • Funding: Fees Free & Free Trades Training (TTAF).

This programme develops the skills and knowledge of those employed within horticulture production enabling them to contribute at an advanced technical or managerial level. This programme focuses on the specialist requirements for ‘process improvement’ for the purpose of meeting domestic and international market requirements and emerging opportunities for horticultural products.

Graduates of this programme will be able to apply in-depth horticulture production knowledge and skills to inform strategic business decisions.  Learners will develop advanced technical skills to enable enhanced employment opportunities across a range of horticulture production operations.  The horticulture industry will benefit by having experienced technical specialists who can optimise workplace efficiency and lift the competitive edge of organisations servicing the domestic and international markets.


Learners who successfully complete the programme will be awarded the New Zealand Diploma in Horticulture Production (Level 6) [Ref: 2667] with a strand in Process Improvement. 

Graduate Profile Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:

  • Critically analyse data to determine production and performance trends
  • Critically analyse products or technologies that contribute to business outcomes
  • Research, design, and manage ongoing strategies for continuous improvement of horticulture production or technologies 

Entry & Selection Criteria

  • No formal prerequisites.
  • Desirable that the participant have successful completed a Level 4 certificate or above (or equivalent), preferably in the Primary Industries subject area.
  • Students must demonstrate significant workplace experience (e.g. a supervisory and/or management role or equivalent); within the horticulture industry.
  • For applicants 20 years or older without any of the above academic criteria, evidence of relevant knowledge and experience, and the ability to undertake tertiary study at diploma level is required.

In all cases the applicant will be required to participate in an online pre-commencement interview with the purpose of verifying the student’s overall ability of undertaking tertiary study. In exceptional circumstances an applicant who does not meet the academic entry requirements may be granted entry to the Fruition Diploma where they supply evidence to satisfy the Academic Committee of their ability to succeed on the programme.

Students must demonstrate significant workplace experience (e.g a supervisory and/or management role OR equivalent) within the horticulture industry.

Field Trip – (3 days – 2 nights)

Participate in a 3-day fieldtrip/workshop series where learners are introduced to the range of horticultural production systems in New Zealand. Workshops include presentations from leading growers/processors in New Zealand speaking on the current and future issues and opportunities, and industry norms for data analysis and reporting.


“The course has changed me a lot, I think completely differently now.  It’s really good to see the bigger picture” – Ryan Fong, a fourth generation vegetable grower from Pukekohe

“Working in the avocado industry, I love the ability to either attend class or join online. The flexibility suits my work demands.”  – Kyra Fielden, Bay of Plenty

“I have worked in the horticulture industry from the age of 18. Mainly for post-harvest operations as part of quality and compliance departments. The horticulture diploma has helped increase my base line knowledge into plant health and fruiting cycles, pest management and plant species. The lecturers were professional supportive and provided sound knowledge of the industry. Technical expertise was provided around business and innovation and propagation management. The field trips were rewarding and beneficial to speak with different business owners and subject matter experts. This diploma helped me greatly to achieve where I am today in the industry” – Damian Sutton, H & S Specialist – Seeka


Lincoln University Regional Diploma in Horticulture (Level 5)

Fruition Horticulture offers the Lincoln University Regional Diploma in Horticulture. These are the same papers and standards as offered at the Lincoln campus but available in the Bay of Plenty and Nelson. Students gain their qualification while being able to stay in their place of work.


What former students have said about the programme:

  • Amit Pathak, Orchard Manager, DMS “I feel like I have extra skills up my sleeve now that I’ve completed my Diploma in Horticulture. The classes were great, and it was nice to learn from and study alongside other students from various horticulture backgrounds”
  • Whatu Brown, Orchard Manager, Eastpack “When I first started the Diploma in Horticulture it had been 30 years since I’d studied. I knew how to pack fruit, but I certainly didn’t know how to grow it until I completed the course. Thanks to my Eastpack and my study, I have achieved my goal of being an orchard manager.”

New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture (Levels 3-4)

Levels 3 & 4
Delivered as the ‘off-job” component of the Primary ITOs industry training programme. These courses are tutored by Fruition Horticulture in the Bay of Plenty, Nelson and Hawkes Bay regions. Gain nationally recognised qualifications in horticulture from tutors who are out there in the field.  For more information and to join these programmes contact the Primary ITO.



Feedback from courses held to date:
“I totally enjoyed this course and all of the tutors. It was easy to finish assessments because the tutors explained stuff. They were very helpful, patient and knowledgeable which made me feel confident, relaxed and eager to learn more and come back. I have come out of this course eager and excited to start work in the kiwifruit industry. Thank you all so much for helping me through the past weeks.”

“We come from a background of growing all sorts of Berries at our Thornton Orchard, and this has become a real eye opener for us learning with Primary ITO.  There’s so much knowledge and support from our Tutors it’s a real privilege to be part of their classes, you learn something new every time! My main goal is to become a Horticultural Consultant because I have so much passion for the growing industry.”  Annie Ross



Tū Te Wana - NZ Certificate in Primary Industry Skills (Level 2)

Tū Te Wana is a 16 week programme available to youth aged 16-19 years, who are not engaged in education or employment (NEET’s). Pastoral care of our rangatahi (youth) is provided throughout their journey with us, and remain accessible to them past the end date of the programme. Successful graduates may be offered employment upon completion, though options for further study or entry into other industries will be made available as well. 

Testimonial from Te Puke High School


Te Puke High School is a decile 3 co-educational semi-rural school with a roll of approximately 900.

Our students come from a reasonable cross section of the Te Puke and surrounding community. Sadly, some of our students struggle and courses like this offer them real opportunities. I appreciate the work done by Maia and his team to make the programme accessible to the youth who often struggle finding a career pathway or vocation. 

I am writing to endorse the Te Puke Fruition Programme that is run by Maia Haeata.  Our students have benefitted from this programme since it began last year. This programme allows a number of our students to participate in an area many of them are passionate about and develop a career path from. It helps students set goals and enjoy a sense of achievement.

Te Puke High School, as well as Fruition, have been the direct beneficiaries of this opportunity for our students. Fruition is designed to cater for students disengaged from the mainstream system or looking to gain NZQA credits and experience that could lead them to employment in the kiwifruit industry. The Fruition team have been professional in their service to the students and school and this is part of the reason their presence at Te Puke High School has been so effective. Students who have completed the Fruition course and graduated have spoken favorably of the experience and their achievements.

Fruition has created a supportive relationship with some of our students and used their expertise within the kiwifruit sector to further develop a positive environment for them. Once he has got the students engaged academically, they are given the opportunity to engage in practical ‘hands on’ work within an orchard setting. We have seen some marvellous gains from students working with Fruition and they speak very highly of the experience.

All of this contributes towards the success enjoyed by the partnership between Fruition and Te Puke High School. We are impressed to see how the tutors motivated our rangatahi to learn and support them when things felt hard. The 16-week programme opened their eyes to what they can achieve and gave them a sense of direction. Whanau, community and the industry all benefit from this initiative. Having had students involved in the project and seen the direct benefits of their participation, we are keen to see the programme grow and develop. We look forward to collaborating further with Maia and Fruition.

Simon McGillivray
Deputy Principal


Vakameasina provides free educational, training and development courses to RSE workers across New Zealand, under the New Zealand Aid Programme. RSE Worker Training integrates English language, literacy and numeracy learning into a range of optional learning courses. These range from basic workplace and life skills, communication, health, safety, nutrition, human rights, NZ Road Code, budgeting and financial literacy all the way through to leadership, community development, business development, building small engines, solar power and more.  

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Fruition provides educational services to the horticultural industry. It has offices in Tauranga, Hawke’s Bay and Nelson and delivers a range of face-to-face and distance learning programmes across New Zealand.
Fruition Horticulture (BOP) Ltd is registered as a private training establishment (Category 1) and operates under the provisions of the Education and Training Act 2020.
Our educational staff deliver training in the L2 NZ Certificate in Primary Industry Skills and L6 NZ Diploma in Horticulture Production. Fruition also partners with Lincoln University and Primary ITO.